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Here’s our new set! The Count of Monte Cristo musical.
There’s going to be 5 more of these so get excited 🙂

EDIT: Featured on Equestria Daily April 8th 2014

For those of you who don’t know the story of the Count of Monte Cristo it’s a little hard to explain what’s going on here unless you know it. The movie is pretty good so you could check that out if you don’t feel like reading, but here’s a simple synopsis of what’s going on for now:

Twilight is playing Mondego, he is Edmund Dantes’ best friend, but he’s jealous of him so he plans to send Dantes to a jail so he can take his woman Mercedes. Danglars played by Applejack is the first mate on a ship. (He was supposed to be Captain but Dantes just took the spot from him, hence why he hates him). And Villefort played by Rarity is the prosecutor (or he’s going to become it, can’t remember). He wants Dantes gone because of some confusing reason involving treason and his family. Anyway, these men get together to send Dantes to the jail: the Chateau d’If, (its the jail people get sent if other people want everyone to think they’re dead). Which is what they are planning here, and that’s all you need to know for now.

We did a lot of things differently this video:
It’s in colour.
It has lyrics on screen (don’t expect this every video, on screen lyrics distract from the images and sometimes we’ll just want you to be immersed with what’s on screen).
And it was edited in After Effects CS6 for the first time.

This video was a bit of a training ground for us, using it as practice for After Effects and trying out some good colouring. And while it lacks a lot of movement because they’re all at a table, Sil was trying to focus on expressions and practice with that.

Oh and something important about the lyrics: They May Not Be Correct. We were unable to find any official lyrics for the song, so we sort of went with what we could find of fan made lyrics. So if it sounds like the wrong person is singing or the lyrics are different to what sounds like is being said, yeah, there isn’t much we can do about that.

So yeah, I hope you all like it.

Illustrated by Silhouette
Edited by GhostQuill

“A Story Told” is from the “Count of Monte Cristo Musical”, performed by Patrick Stanke, Mathias Edenborn and Mark Seibert on the Concept album released in 2008. Written by Frank Wildhorn. We do not own it.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and it’s characters are owned by Hasbro. We also don’t own it.

(You can get the music for the musical on iTunes but you can’t watch the musical unless you see one on stage because there aren’t any recordings).

Also if you wanted to know:
Mondego preformed by Patrick Stanke
Danglars preformed by Mathias Edenborn
Villefort preformed by Mark Seibert
(I think… They don’t actually specify who sings Danglars or Villefort so I had to guess from their voices in other songs.)

原视频地址:【The Count of Monte Cristo musical】1/6 A STORY TOLD (animatic)+ lyrics


还会有 5 个这样的,所以兴奋吧:)

编辑:2014 年 4 月 8 日《Equestria Daily》精选



暮暮扮演蒙德戈,他是埃德蒙·唐泰斯最好的朋友,但埃德蒙·唐泰斯嫉妒他,所以他计划把唐泰斯送进监狱,这样他就可以带走他的女人梅赛德斯。阿杰饰演的腾格拉尔是船上的大副。 (他本来应该是队长,但唐泰斯刚刚从他手中夺走了这个位置,因此他讨厌他)。瑞瑞饰演的维尔福是检察官(或者他将成为检察官,记不清了)。他希望唐泰斯离开,因为一些令人困惑的原因涉及叛国和他的家人。不管怎样,这些人聚在一起把唐泰斯送进伊夫堡监狱(如果其他人希望每个人都认为他们死了,人们就会被送进监狱)。这就是他们在这里的计划,这就是你现在需要知道的一切。




并且首次在 After Effects CS6 中进行编辑。

该视频对我们来说是一个训练场,用它作为 After Effects 的练习并尝试一些好的着色。虽然由于大家都坐在一张桌子旁,所以缺乏很多动作,但 Sil 试图专注于表情并进行练习。





《A Story Told》选自音乐剧《基督山伯爵》,由帕特里克·斯坦克 (Patrick Stanke)、马蒂亚斯·伊登博恩 (Mathias Edenborn) 和马克·塞伯特 (Mark Seibert) 在 2008 年发行的 Concept 专辑中演唱。由弗兰克·维尔德霍恩 (Frank Wildhorn) 创作。我们不拥有它。


(您可以在 iTunes 上获取音乐剧的音乐,但除非您在舞台上看到音乐剧,否则您无法观看音乐剧,因为没有任何录音)。


帕特里克·斯坦克 (Patrick Stanke) 演奏《蒙德戈》

腾格拉尔 (Danglars) 由马蒂亚斯·艾登伯恩 (Mathias Edenborn) 演奏


作为一名歌手,”Where the softest things he’ll touch are stones and darkness”这句歌词的发音让人听了非常满意。


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